This website

A lot of programming is adapting previously written code, and this site is no exception. Ben Stokes of TinyProjectsDev has a great way of talking about his various side projects, one of which is the design for this website.

It is super simple, just pure HTML, CSS and a bit JavaScript, very lightweight and easily adaptable. I've kept most of the functionality, except for choosing not to host it with Google Firebase.

Do check out his work, he also runs an ice cream business, monetised GPT before people had even heard of ChatGPT and recently sold a SaaS. The last bit explains why he's on a tour across India in a rickshaw designed by a DALL-E prompt (at least that was his last update).

I'm currently driving 3,000km across India in a rickshaw designed by a DALL•E prompt

— Ben Stokes (Tiny Projects💡) (@tinyprojectsdev) September 20, 2022